After Binance, the rewards: how to benefit from Raydium's Airdrop (RAY)?

As a cornerstone of the Solana ecosystem, the Raydium project has once again gained credibility in the eyes of the general public. Since yesterday, the Raydium token (RAY) is listed on the Binance platform and can be traded with the BNB, USDT and BUSD pairs. It is de facto the first project to take advantage of the SPL support built into Binance (equivalent to ERC-20 made in Solana) and will be able to be deposited and withdrawn by taking advantage of the attributes of the Solana blockchain.

This article is brought to you as part of an educational communication campaign, and supported by Raydium


Raydium AMM

Raydium is part

of the

AMM (Automated Market Maker) family. The latter’s function is to bring liquidity to the crypto-asset market, a fundamental element of decentralized finance

. Unlike traditional trading and the use of order books, AMMs provide liquidity via “liquidity pools”.

Understanding everything about Raydium

Built on Solana, Raydium allows users to swap, trade and contribute liquidity to generate interest through their crypto-assets. The uniqueness of Raydium lies in its architecture. It offers on-chain liquidity provision via the Serum

order book. Moreover, its algorithm is based on a constant function, which ensures that no matter what trading operations are performed, the product of the quantities in reserve remains the same.

Airdrop details

To celebrate the Binance listing, Raydium’s teams are offering a campaign encouraging new users to discover


project’s potential


A $100,000 airdrop (available until August 19, 2021) is being organized. The first 4,000 users who connect their wallets, perform a swap and attract an additional user by retweeting their affiliate link will receive the equivalent of $10 in RAY tokens. A lottery is also available to win more RAY tokens. You’ll need to complete several tasks to earn points and maximize your chances of being one of the lucky ones

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A boost on the interest generated thanks to Dual Yield will close the communication operation. Raydium will be supported by several flagship projects of the Solana ecosystem, whose names will be disclosed directly on the company’s twitter.

In order to participate in this Airdrop campaign and to glean some additional information, Raydium guides you via a web page created for the occasion. A video explaining the swap, but also a summary of the steps to follow are available.