Africa, the continent where Bitcoin is already winning

Welcome to the new Bitcoin Eldorado! – It’s the incredible news of this late summer: Africa has just overtaken North America in terms of Bitcoin (BTC

) exchange volume. But how far will the African continent go?

A volume of bitcoin exchange that exploded

First of all, it is

important to specify that this is the largest volume



(P2P) bitcoin exchange. This clarification is necessary because peer-to-peer defines a peer-to-peer network model, which distributes and receives data (in our case, BTC), without the need for a central authority.

To summarize, Africa is the number one continent to use bitcoin for its initial value transfer function, without going through a centralized exchange. For example, according to data

from analytics platform UsefulTulips, in the last seven days, $18 million was reportedly exchanged on P2P platforms LocalBitcoins and Paxful <img width=”853″ height=”406″ src=”//’%20viewBox=’0%200%20853%20406’%3E%3C/svg%3E” alt=’Volume of P2P bitcoin exchange worldwide, showing strong gains on the African continent’ /><img width=”853″ height=”406″ src=”” alt=’P2P bitcoin exchange volume across the world, showing strong gains on the African continent” />P2Pbitcoin exchange volumeacross the world – Source: Usefultulips

While the majority of investors continue to favor developed countries for investment and often reject the use of bitcoin as a currency or view it only as a store of value, this data confirms how much bitcoin adoption is growing in emerging markets


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Indeed, less privileged regions typically face a sharp deterioration in their currencies: such as Turkey, which has seen its Turkish lira plummet against the dollar and a bitcoin temporarily reach $100,000 (at local, necessarily exaggerated, exchange rates

). This shows how useful bitcoin can actually be, in degraded situations.

Looking at the numbers in more detail, there are 3 African countries in the top 10: Kenya, Nigeria and Togo. Africans use

ntake bitcoin for many uses, including storing and exchanging value on a daily basis.

As more and more people realize Bitcoin’s scarcity, decentralization, non-discrimination, and resistance to censorship, it’s safe to predict that the king of cryptos will be used even more around the world, and no longer just as a speculation tool. Today, for example, PayPal wants to democratize BTC and has landed in the UK.

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