A (r)evolution called Moonbeam: when the play-to-earn concept invades blockchain technology

Could this be the sensation of the fall? The Play-to-earn phenomenon is taking over the cryptosphere and unveiling another revolutionary part of blockchain technology. While the various Tier 1 protocols are waging an all-out war to attract the best apps and developers, Moonbeam is emerging as the secret boot for the Polkadot ecosystem, allowing the Play-to-earn phenomenon to emancipate


This promotional article is proposed in collaboration with Moonbeam.

Moonbeam: the trojan horse

Despite user fees beyond comprehension, Ethereum remains the most prized protocol for developers of decentralized applications and de facto concepts using play-to-earn mechanisms. After becoming familiar with the Solidity

programming language, it’s hard to turn back and embrace another protocol-backed language with an uncertain future.

To counteract this problem, Moonbeam

offers an innovative solution for interoperability between Polkadot and the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Indeed,

developers who master Solidity and wish to introduce their applications on Polkadot will be able to run them in a few clicks thanks to the Moonbeam platform.

Ethereum et Polkadot peuvent désormais communiquer grâce à MoonbeamEthereum et Polkadot peuvent désormais communiquer grâce à MoonbeamMoonbeam makes blockchains interoperable

Having already seduced a few hundred projects, the introduction of a canary network called Moonriver (test network), comes to consolidate the rise and success of a future where blockchain ecosystems would be linked


To facilitate your understanding of the mechanics between Moonbeam and Moonriver (and the canary networks in general), do not hesitate to consult the article written on this subject.

Polkadot and the Play-to-earn phenomenon

The emergence of Axie Inifinity

has brought to light the potential of play-to-earn blockchain concepts. Today, they are the source of a growing momentum within the Polkadot ecosystem, whose introduction is facilitated by the Moonbeam migration tool and its Moonriver canary network. Official Tweet Seascape Network

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The Seascape Network is one of the projects that have opted for

on this migration. Introduced via Moonriver, the concept aims to simplify the approach to decentralized finance by offering many games with didactic characters. The first opus is called Profit Circus and is presented as a playful concept allowing users to participate in bringing liquidity to decentralized finance while playing.

Other notable projects using NFT codes are also available. myNFT and Unifty allow users to design their own NFTs and deploy them via several ecosystems. Zoombies is a game dedicated to budding collectors, fans of dark and survivalist worlds.

Make no mistake, play-to-earn is still in its infancy. Its growth will depend on the enthusiasm of developers, but also on the various tools that allow for global use rather than being reserved for a particular ecosystem. This is the bet of Moonbeam and its compatible EVM platform, allowing an unequivocal link between Polkadot and Ethereum.