A bug in the Ethereum network led to a fork

The bug, which affected older versions of Ethereum

‘s network client Geth, caused nodes to disconnect from the mainnet. Sponsored Sponsored

According to a tweet from Ethereum Foundation’s head of security Martin Swende,

“A consensus bug affected the #ethereum mainnet today, using a consensus-bug that was fixed in Geth v1.10.8.” Sweden added that “Fortunately, most miners were already updated and the correct chain is also the longest (canon),” In another tweet, Sweden said that “it was really close to shave.ug affecting over 50% of Ethereum client leads to the fork.” The bug specifically affected v1.10.1 and earlier versions of Geth clients.

Ethereum developer Marius van der Wijden said in his own tweet

that “It looks like someone found the bug we fixed in @go_ethereum v1.10.8 and exploited it causing all Geth nodes with earlier versions to disconnect from the network. If you are running on v1.10.7 or earlier please update!!!”. Sponsored Sponsored

The latest version of Geth, V1.10.8 is called “Hades Gamma” and includes a hotfix to the exploit that caused the crash. The update was released earlier this week by van der Wijden, who said that “All Geth users need to update.”

Many still need to upgrade Getha

According to statistics from Ethernodes.org

, at the time of this writing, less than 30% of nodes have made the transition to V1.10.8. More than 35% are still using the previous version containing the bug. This also means that a sizable number of Ethereum nodes are still running with this bug.

Van der Wijden was asked what users should do and whether they need to do anything else besides upgrading to the latest version to protect themselves. “I don’t think so” – wrote van der Wijden on Twitter – “Infura and the big exchanges seem to be on the good side of the fork, so all transactions via Metamask

should be safe. Validating users need to update their nodes quickly (within the next 10h, I believe) as otherwise they would be voting on invalid commons.”

While some nodes have disconnected from the main network, the market has shrugged off the news with little change. Ethereum is currently trading at 3241.12, up about 4% over the past 24 hours.


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