A bug in OpenSea resulted in the destruction of 42 NFT with a global value of USD $100,000.
A bug in OpenSea resulted in the destruction of 42 NFT with a global value of USD $100,000. By Angel Di Matteo

@shadowargelAlthough according to OpenSea the issue has been resolved, it is unknown if more people were affected by this bug that led to the destruction of other compromised NFTs


Reputable digital collectibles trading platform OpenSea reported a bug in its systems that resulted in the destruction of at least 42 NFTs,


valued at around $100,000 USD


This was reported by Ethereum Name Service (ENS) lead developer Nick Johnson, who was personally affected when he transferred an NFT on behalf of the aforementioned entity to the platform. Describing the problem, he indicated that the collectible ended up in a recording address, which are not under OpenSea’ s control ,

making it virtually impossible to retrieve the respective asset.

The reason for the error

According to the case, it seems that the error was caused by the use of an Ethereum Name Service address for which OpenSea did not have the proper support. Let’s keep in mind that this service allows associating Blockchain

addresses with domain names, which makes sending transactions easier since it does not involve the use of hashes or codes that are complicated to remember.

The name of the first file sent by Johnson in question was rilxxlir.eth, which was in an ENS account and went to a recording address when he tried to send it to his OpenSea

account. In relation to this, the affected person commented:

“After a heated call with OpenSea, it turns out that I was the first and apparently only victim of a bug introduced on their transfer page in the last 24 hours, which affected all transfers of ERC-721 tokens to ENS names. The rilxxlir.eth property will now be permanently burned.”


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He wasn’t the only victim


Johnson reported being a victim of the bug, he later noted that he received reports from others who were also affected by the same problem


After reviewing each of the cases, Johnson compiled a list of 32 affected operations in which a total of 42 NFTs directed to OpenSea were lost. As the report reads, most of the collectibles were in the ERC-721 standard and others were ERC-1155

tokens. Adding up the minimum prices associated with each item, the calculation resulted in an overall loss amount of close to USD $100,000.

Consider that OpenSea is one of the most reputable trading platforms in the NFT industry, having capitalized peak volumes in excess of $1 billion during the first half of last August. Through the service, digital works were traded for quite high values, with collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Apes

being particularly notable.

After the events occurred, Johnson claimed that OpenSea

already solved the error, although it is unknown if this problem affected a greater number of users of the platform.

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