75% of Polish companies want to hire programmers from the East! Just Join IT starts the project "Misja Wschód".
75% of Polish companies want to hire programmers from the East! Just Join IT starts the project "Misja Wschód". 75% of Polish companies want to hire programmers from the East! Just Join IT starts the project "Misja Wschód".

Just Join IT, the most popular job portal for the IT industry, is launching a new challenge.

The company’s mission, from the very beginning of its existence, is to reduce the gap in the labour market in the Polish IT segment by helping to find the best programmers. The launch of the new service is to be a prelude to Just Join IT creating a bridge between east and west for programmers from the CEE region. It also means more candidates interested in working in Poland.

Although IT specialists are one of the best-paid professional groups in Poland and their salaries are steadily rising, our country is still facing a shortage of them. Currently it is estimated that the demand for programmers remains at 50 thousand vacancies. In other European countries the number of vacancies is up to 300 thousand, and the forecasts in the next 6 years speak of an increase to a million! The influx of IT specialists from eastern countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) is a great opportunity to fill this gap. To meet these needs, Just Join IT is becoming a serious player in the market, connecting IT programmers from Central and Eastern Europe between the East and the West.

Who Polish companies are looking for

According to the latest survey by Just Join IT, the most popular job board targeted at programmers, as many as 75% of Polish employers are planning, within the next year, to hire specialists from the East. “We are the largest labor market in the CEE region, which therefore offers the best opportunities for development. This is a great gateway for programmers from the East. Especially that this is a culturally similar group, which easily finds its way in the Polish reality. – says Piotr Nowosielski, CEO of Just Join IT.

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The Just Join IT survey shows that Polish companies are most willing to hire programmers for Middle positions (84%). Only 16% of potential employers are interested in junior programmers from the East.

IT specialists find employment wherever knowledge of Eastern languages, in addition to English, is important – especially in technical support departments or when creating different versions of game languages or applications. The most popular technologies, in turn, are: JavaScript (49%), Java (40.5%), DevOps (32%). The least popular are HTML (2.7%) and Support (2.7%).

Employers’ concerns

The situation in the Polish IT industry is changing dynamically. Our neighbors are beginning to pretend to be a global market, which translates into the fact that the employees coming from there are becoming more and more attractive to domestic companies. Poland is not only an interesting country to live in, but also offers broad prospects for professional development and the opportunity to participate in fascinating projects that provide ample room for growth.

However, the obstacles may be quesformal difficulties. The Just Join IT survey shows that 60% of Polish companies believe that hiring a foreigner from the East is associated with additional formal difficulties. This can significantly dampen the enthusiasm to reach out to our neighbors for support. “That is why we have established strategic cooperation with the Polish-Ukrainian organization My Company“, which has been helping Polish companies hire programmers from Ukraine, Belarus or Russia for 10 years,” emphasizes Piotr Nowosielski.

Everything indicates that more and more often we will see candidates from eastern countries on IT positions in Poland: Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. The number of work permits in the IT sector for people from the East has increased five times over the last years.

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75% of Polish companies want to hire programmers from the East! Just Join IT starts the project "Misja Wschód".

Just Join IT and “Mission East”

“Developers from eastern countries have a reputation for qualified IT specialists at a similar level to our compatriots, while we help recruit companies with very good standards and interesting projects,” Nowosielski analyzes. Poland is therefore a great stop on the way to the development of a programmer from the East, where Just Join IT can serve him as a bridge on the next stage of his career. The main goal of Just Join IT is to secure the interests of the IT job seekers who use our portal and, together with “Moja Firma”, we’re creating a service which holistically helps complete all the formalities between the Polish employer and the programmer from the East ,” he adds.

As Piotr Nowosielski sums up, “Just Join IT is not only a job board. We identify with our community, we shorten the distance between the employer and the programmer and we deliver a large dose of solid and substantive IT knowledge. On our social networks you can find a number of useful livestreams with information about what a programmer’s work looks like “from the inside”, as well as many technical tips. We support over 250,000 devs from all over Poland every month and we hope that our colleagues from the East will also find their way to us.”

About Just Join IT

Just Join IT is a Polish startup and currently the most popular and fastest growing recruitment portal for the Polish IT industry. Monthly, more than 250 thousand Polish programmers browse the ads over 2.5 million times. Just Join IT is already trusted by 5 thousand companies from the IT sector. The startup was founded in 2017 on Żabianka in Gdańsk, without any support from investors. Built together with a community of Polish programmers, it grew to become an industry leader and the most popular IT job portal in Poland. Its founders are Piotr Nowosielski and Tomasz Gański.

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Just Join IT is the originator and organizer of the Just Join Olympics for programmers. It invites programmers and IT companies from all over Poland to compete, both individually and in the general medal classification, which determines the most sporting IT company. The event, due to its unconventional approach

to sports competitions and its popularity, it has become a permanent entry in the calendar of the most spectacular IT events in Poland. 10% of the proceeds from the Just Join IT competition will be donated to the @Hakersi campaign, which supports children in need in becoming independent through learning new technologies and digital competences.

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