5 bottles of Venezuelan rum are auctioned as NFT on OpenSea

Venezuelan rum brand Carúpano entered the world of non fungible tokens (NFT) with five iconic bottles of Legendario, one of its most representative drinks. The distillery launched its first collection of digital assets with the help of five local artists who filled the traditional bottles with colors and shapes.

The pieces, created by Armando Velutini, Aureliano Parra, Carlos Vallenilla, Gerardo Campos and Dagor, are being auctioned on NFT’s marketplace, OpenSea, and will remain up for bidding until September 15. The minimum bid for each token is 1 wETH which represents about $3,173 at the current market price, according to the CryptoNews price index


A wETH is nothing more than a wrapped ether or a “wrapped ether” that is tied to the price of a traditional Ethereum network

ether (ETH). The wETH is a type of ERC-20 token that facilitates exchange transactions on decentralized platforms.

Ron Carúpano informed

that the funds raised will be donated to the Thomas Merle Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes conservation and environmental education in eastern Venezuela. Each design is original and gives the buyer the chance to get a real bottle of Legendario for tasting.

“By purchasing this NFT you have the option to redeem a real bottle of this rum. Upon purchase, you will be able to unlock the shipping instructions so you can have the bottle delivered directly to your door. If you purchase this NFT

on a secondary market, be sure to check the token ID and verify that the physical bottle has not been previously redeemed,” the company explained.

The auction started last Thursday, August 26 and already has dozens of views from buyers. However, no OpenSea user has made a bid for the unique bottles of rum. It should be remembered that Legendario is one of the company’s high-end rums along with Ron Carúpano X.O. and Ron Carúpano Zafra.

NFT as an expression of Venezuelan art

Ron Carúpano’s NFTs are evidence of the expansion of non-fungible tokens in the Venezuelan art market

. More

and more painters, sculptors or digital artists are trying their luck with the tokenization of their works.

5 bottles of Venezuelan rum are auctioned as NFT on OpenSea 5 bottles of Venezuelan rum are auctioned as NFT on OpenSea The bottles in NFT format are on auction in the OpenSea market, the minimum bid per piece is 1 WETH. Source: Ron Carupano / Twitter.

One of them is an artist

Venezuelan plastic Eduardo Sanabria, better known as EDO, who in May this year launched an NFT called “Selfish“, a fact reported by CryptoNews. The piece was also listed on OpenSea, but was not auctioned as the minimum bid was also 1 wETH. Bidding ceased with a bid well below 0.05 wETH, or about $158.

Even the Venezuelan government has been involved because of the artistic NFTs. A design allegorical to the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo is traded on the Rarible market. The piece has exchanged hands and can currently be purchased for 7.12 ETH, or more than 22 thousand US dollars.