36% of Americans oppose the adoption of Bitcoin

A new poll has found that nearly 36% of Americans oppose the government’s recognition of Bitcoin

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According to


recent survey

by YouGov, a research and data analytics firm, about 28% of respondents “strongly oppose” the idea. Meanwhile, another 11% are only “somewhat opposed” to adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, as did El Salvador last week.

Survey Details

While many respondents appear to oppose Bitcoin adoption in the U.S., other respondents were split. About 11% “strongly support” the idea, with another 16% indicating “somewhat support”, which is about 27% of the total in favor. Finally, an additional 34% indicated they did not know.

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total of 4912 U.S. residents participated in the survey, and the results were also segmented by various demographics. For example, 39% of Republican respondents “strongly opposed” the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, as opposed to only 26% of Democrats.

The results are also split along generational lines, with 44% of 25-34 year olds supporting the idea. This contrasted significantly with those over 55, 54% of whom generally reject the proposal. Region and gender also seemed to influence respondents’ knowledge on the topic. For example, 37% of Midwesterners and Southerners and 41% of women responded that they “don’t know.”

Bitcoin Adoption

YouGov conducted the survey in light of El Salvador’s recent adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. Although the government has been preparing for its introduction since its announcement in June, a growing number of Salvadorans are unhappy with the idea.

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According to a poll conducted by El Salvador-based Central American University (UCA), at least 67.9% of the 1,281 people surveyed said they disagree or strongly disagree with using Bitcoin as legal tender. Meanwhile, just over 32% said they agree at some level. The poll, conducted in August, also showed that 90% of people do not have a clear understanding of Bitcoin. Another 80% said they have little or no confidence in its use. While 7 in 10 lawmakers believe they should repeal the Bitcoin law. Many have also taken to the streets to voice their displeasure.

Meanwhile, as the world watches the development of Bitcoin in El Salvador, other countries have been moved. Recently, Panama introduced its own legislation. It wants Bitcoin to be legal tender, while Russia issued a statement confirming that this <a href=”https:

//beincrypto.com/russia-affirms-it-wont-make-bitcoin-legal-tender/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>will not do.


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